20 February, 2023

Food and emotions

  Today’s Blah, blah, blog is super interesting as it addresses a topic that is rarely discussed: FOOD AND EMOTIONS. Many people know that certain foods
4 January, 2023

The origins of poke

      Aloha mai e nā makamaka heluhelu.   Nowadays the Poke Bowl is very fashionable, and the city of Barcelona (where we are proudly
6 August, 2020

Respect: Poke Fad vs a Tradition entrenched in Hawaii

Mark “Gooch” Noguchi – a Hawaiian chef born in the Manoa Valley in Honolulu and owner of the Pili Group – commented in an article written
6 August, 2020

What is it and why do we use Sushi rice in Hawaiian Poke?

What is it and why do we use Sushi rice in Hawaiian Poke? Before you start reading this article dedicated to the “mysterious” Sushi rice, we’d
6 August, 2020

Benefits of raw fish for your physical and mental health

A lot of us like to convince ourselves that ingesting any sort of food which that does not see the before getting to our table is
11 December, 2019

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