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Los beneficios del pescado crudo para tu salud física y mental

Benefits of raw fish for your physical and mental health

A lot of us like to convince ourselves that ingesting any sort of food which that does not see the before getting to our table is not for us.

That eating raw food can neither be good nor healthy.

Often, when presenting these sort of arguments, we tend to forget that many of the meats that carnivores enjoy at their tables every day have not been cooked but simply cured.

Without going any further, the prized Iberian ham, the chorizo and other sausages that hang in so many kitchens throughout Spain, or many of the traditional dishes in Catalonia such as its renowned Cod Salad (esqueixada), to mention only a few.

None of these products has been “cooked”.

Little by little, and as we let ourselves be influenced by international culinary customs, we are discovering the benefits of what is now known as “Raw foodism”.

What is Raw Foodism?

It is the practice of consuming unprocessed, uncooked and if possible, organic or ecological foods.


Eating raw food is nothing new.

Until recently, humans have always eaten unprocessed products, without preservatives of any kind.

The philosophy behind this resurgence of raw food is to move away from the amount of chemicals that are “injected” into our food today and to regain control of the nutrients we nourish our body with.

A philosophy which we, at Hula Poke, fully share.

We are convinced that the higher the proportion of raw food in the diet, the more benefits to our health.

Raw fish – in particular – has proven to be a great ally to the health of those who have incorporated it into their diet for centuries, such as the Japanese and Hawaiian peoples.


What are the physical benefits of eating raw fish?

By consuming raw fish, we maintain the cardioprotective and cardio-healthy qualities that tend to be reduced when frying or roasting foods.

In a natural state, the omega-3 fatty acids that are so healthy for us, remain intact.

Also known as polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), they play a crucial role in the growth and development of our body, and in the proper functioning of our brain.

It has also been shown that omega-3 fatty acids help prevent the risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer and arthritis, and reduce various types of inflammation.

Fish – when fried or roasted – does not only lose many of these properties that are so beneficial to our health, but it could even contain varying amounts of heterocyclic amines, with the potential to be carcinogenic.

Not only that.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics of the United Kingdom, if you want to live for many years, you must follow a diet based on raw fish, vegetables and green tea, as do most Japanese women, who have the world’s highest life expectancy.

A diet rich in raw fish will also help you lose weight, fight obesity and even improve your sleep!

What is it and why do we use Sushi rice in Hawaiian Poke?


What are the mental benefits of eating raw fish?

As we’ve just seen, eating raw fish is nothing other than magnifying the health benefits of the fish that we have put on our tables all our lives.

On the one hand, we know that consuming fish helps the flow of blood to the brain.

And, as a result of a study carried out at the University of Northumbria by Dr. Philippa Jackson and her team we know that this increased blood flow to the brain caused by the normal consumption of blue fish can prevent cognitive deterioration and dementia in later stages of our lives.

If we consume it in raw estate, fish is even more efficient in fighting against a degenerative disease that is so feared by all.


How do you maximise the benefits of raw fish for your health and wellbeing?

Try consuming three servings of raw fish a week.

Portions don’t have to be too large.

In fact, the ideal portion is precisely the size we serve at Hula Poke.

And we do it, accompanied by the delicious ingredients that your body needs to be nourished and have all the energy necessary to continue with your day (and night!).

With our Poke you will never exceed your calorie consumption and you will always be full of energy!

Don’t feel like leaving your home to give it a try?

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