Feel closer to the spirit of Hawaii with Hula Poke.

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We had always dreamed of stepping on the sand of its beaches, dancing the Hula (or, seeing others dance it, let’s be honest!) to the tune of those so sweet melodies, strolling along its spectacular cliffs, and being able to start a conversation with the wonderful “Aloha” …!

Hawaii and the Pacific called us.

What we would never have imagined is that we would also fall in love with Hawaii’s fresh and healthy cuisine.

Today Hawaii and its people are still in our hearts.

They remain with us and with you in Hula Poke.

Because distance is just a word, don’t you think?

Simon-Linares Hula Poke Food Barcelona

Simón Linares

A Venezuelan entrepreneur passionate about business management and health, Simón Linares holds a Production Engineering degree from Simón Bolívar University in Caracas. He is the owner of a sports complex in the Venezuelan capital that consists of 3 courts and different areas for the practice of sports and healthy recreation.
While pursuing a Master’s Degree in Global Entrepreneurship Management at the Ramon Llull University in Barcelona, Simón met Enric Palau – his current partner at Hula Poke. Since then, they have shared travels and experiences together in Barcelona, Taipei and San Francisco and acquired a magnified global vision of business and world events.

Enric Palau

In addition to holding a Production Engineer degree from the Ramón Llull University in Barcelona, Enric Palau cemented his passion for entrepreneurship and digital marketing by taking a Master’s in Global Entrepreneurship – it was in this course that he met Simon.
At 24 years of age, Enric Palau – a Spanish citizen resident in Barcelona -, already boasts extensive professional experience in different areas of consulting, production and digital marketing. Experience he is now eager to apply to his new project, Hula Poke!

Enric-Palau Hula Poke Food Barcelona
Luis-Magual Hula Poke Food Barcelona

Luís Magual

Considered to be one of the 100 Best Young Chefs in the World in 2015 by San Pellegrino, Luis is the Executive Chef at Hula Poke. Luís began his career as a chef at the Culinary Institute of Caracas and completed his studies at the Hofmann Hospitality School in Barcelona.
Passionate about what he refers to in Spanish as the 3S Gastronomy: Saludable, sabrosa y sostenible (Healthy, Tasty and Sustainable), this versatile and enterprising chef is committed to experimenting with local products to provide the public with a healthy, fast and affordable food alternative.

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